Sunday, March 17, 2013

What a Differnce a Day Makes

 I confess I go there to shop. I go to that "Chain Fabric Store".  The one that has prints made exclusively for them.  Their 40% off coupons, the Daffodil Days, the Black Friday Early Bird Specials. But not one of their specials could beat the deals I now have in my sewing room.  The one and only fabric chain store here is being SUPER sized.  It's being relocate to an empty Circut City store front.  Good news for me, 'cause the location will be closer and offer more products. (hopefully not all made in China)   This move is taking place the first week of April.

 Friends have told me that currently, the store was pretty empty.  I had hesitated to spend any shopping time there....but I'm working on a Philanthropic child size quilt and wanted backing fabric to finish the project.

Walked in yesterday, and saw that the fabric remaining was 50% off not bad but I wanted fabrics with ducks or a specific shade of  blue. No fat chance.  So, I left buying only black elastic thread, (for what I don't know but now I have it). Did some over night rethinking.......... I returned this morning to the store to settle for something and get this project DONE.

Could I settle??  ah ya - the cost to buy end of bolt fabrics would be 75% off!   Looks at all theses fun fabrics and these are not "first run".

 Couldn't pass up the yellow rick rack: 8yds ended up costing $2.14.  Then that Omnigrid  multi roll tool case that Sam found the sku for, and it was priced at a whoppin' $3.25.       

My "Little Refugee"  needed a new play hat and she has one for $1.25

I think I found a little pot of material gold today!

Post Script 3/21/2013:   All this "Just Ducky" quilt needs now is the guild label.