Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scrap Catch Hamper

Just what does one do with all those fabric scraps, you know the ones that gets tossed over the shoulder of a quilting star or quietly slips under the work surface?  I have started to save them bitty pieces for pet animal beds, as stuffing.  I have made several and will continue to do so.  

  Here's Bagheera resting on 6 Upholstery Samples cut, rearranged. and sewn to a fleece back.

I have since learned to make an ugly fabric pillow insert and the cover separately, that way the outer sham can be washed.
But enough of that ongoing project....

I have "collected" these fabric bits in a trash bag, tubs and even a laundry basket. How boring is that? Pretty boring to me!

I "StumbleUpon" this tutorial by ikat bag: Hamper dated 2/25/2012.  (since this is only my 4th blog entry, link up is NOT a know how for me) ....yet

I had been given this focal fabric in pieces and many more fabrics long ago by a relation to a genuine hoarder that never sewed.  She gave me fabric flats that still have JCPenney tags on them for $2-$3. Do you remember fabric shopping there? I do, at the store we frequented, fabric was located in the basement of the store  (Bakersfield CA)   

I suspect this fabric is from the 60' Mod....

My hubby made the frame for me, it just needs sanding and staining.  A portion of the fabric faded during the vinegar rinse but hey, it's old fabric and JUST a scrap hamper for my sewing room.  The measurements for this tutorial were spot on and we had no pattern problems.  I serged the finished edges and since this fabric was almost a canvas type no need to line it - 

 'cause it's JUST a hamper.

Now it's ready to catch those scraps being tossed by this non-celebrity and it adds a little neatness to my sewing space.