Thursday, March 7, 2013

It Needed A Bearer

     I won a workshop certificate at the December 2012 Guild meeting from the Redding Quilters Sew-Ciety.  As a thank you to the members,  14 members names were drawn from a basket. name was called.   The certificate was blank with only the signatures of the then presiding president and workshop chair.  Happy as I was to receive an opportunity to take that upcoming workshop, I could not leave that certificate go blank.  Sew I filled it in.

There doesn't it look better?

The workshop was a fun one day event.  We arrived with our fabric and supplies and our instructor provided us with the pattern.

    Having  fabric left over from the paint chip challenge,  
(I bought good 'n plenty of purple) 
that was the foundation and the finished product was completed by the end of the evening at home.

 I'm REALLY happy with the end result
 and the winning opportunity to sew with friends. 
Oh and a better Bearer piece of paper.