Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Taking Up the Paint Chip Challenge

Taking Up the Paint Chip Challenge


Sometimes for me, taking up sewing challenges can be lots of fun, or stressful or annoying.  Time, fabric or lack of an idea  can hinder the whole process of taking the challenge in the first place.  A few years ago, I was curious and had to look up the definition of a "paint chip challenge" after reading it on some internet quilt site. The local quilting guild, Quilter's Sew-Ciety of Redding does a yearly challenge and this is the 2013 theme.  Any guild member who wanted to take up the challenge  was to pick an envelope out of the basket and create a small wall quilt within specific dimensions and the 3 colors. I think I was lucky  to have picked that envelope.  Many of the other ladies picked some "ummm" unusual color combinations.  The colors I picked spoke "flowers" to me.   I wanted to do more than just a applique flower quilt or pieced blocks.  I'm happy with the end results.  Here are the 3 paint chip colors: 

I like to add dimension if possible to the pieces I create.  I did by including Texture Magic, assorted fibers, beading and metal plaques.  Actually, the saying is something I have kept with the little plaques for years.    My ♥Hubby ♥ drilled holes that I could attach to the quilt and after several fun visits to quilt stores bought more than enough fabric for this project. 

 whoa! to me the wording is still wonky, even after repositioning the words several times and re-beading....but it is  what it is .... MINE! 

 Although the darker purple stands out and I may not be totally within the guild's guidelines,   I don't really care.  To me, if I had not added that deeper color it would look "blah".  The Guild's meeting is tonight and it will be displayed along with other submissions by guild participants for the evening.  This quilt is a cheery reminder of gardening, smiling & laughter, and of course taking up a challenge.