Friday, March 22, 2013

"Hey Neighbor Cat"

Hey Neighbor Cat

Sometimes as much as we try, we just can't get that abandoned cat to trust us.  The cat has been living outdoors now since Summer of 2012.  The next door neighbors  moved away, leaving the cat to fend for itself with no water nor food.
I was so upset about the abandonment, I wrote a note and put it on all the subdivisions post boxes asking if they see the cat to please try and help it.

For a while I continued to set out various foods and water at the empty house hoping he would come up to eat or drink.  The cat never did.  
Then I brought the food and water closer to our home...that cat wanted nothing to do with it.
I didn't know it's name, the owner's never called for it, nor do I ever recall them holding, petting or talking to the cat.  
so I began calling for it "Neighbor Cat".

Since then my hubby thinks it's name might be "Boots"

How it survived the Hot Summer, Windy Autumn, Frosty Winter and now Spring is a wonder to me.

Neighbor Cat  "Boots" has become feral, but now eats the food set out for him in the covered front entry.  I wish Neighbor Cat "Boots" would trust us 'cause we'd take care of the cat. But I'm doing what I can and thought last night of replacing an old blanket for a cat bed.  

I sewed scrap oilcloth pieces for the base overlapping them, using a wide zigzag stitch.  Hopefully, this will keep the fabrics and scraps from becoming damp. Then I 
 pieced the top out of a old denim pant leg.

I also made a scrap pillow liner in case the cover ever needs to be washed.

The top had to be more than just denim, sew of course I had to embellish it.

I have Madera Lana Threads.  It's a wool thick thread which uses a topstitch 100/16 size needle. This thread can be brushed to "fluff". I tried it once for machine embroidery on my Janome 350E. Now I wanted to see how it sewed out on my Janome 6600 and on denim.

Simple free motion work   

A word of my experience about the brushes that Madera Lana Threads recommends  to "fluff"  the fiber - these are the very same small handle wire brushes that can be found at any auto parts store or tool supply store for $.99.  I paid well over $6.00 with shipping and handling for a set of off.  

I did find that I could not "fluff" single line stitching.  
However, the thread thickness shows up well on denim.


 My hope is that Neighbor Cat "Boots" will find some comfort on it, and maybe will adopt us.

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