Thursday, September 12, 2013

Solids in a Bag

Solids in a Bag
  I'm trying to thin out my fabrics and use up what I accumulated and kept all these years. I've gathered fabrics from my stash of solids.
I have kept my solids and other fabric prints in this type of storage totes for years.
I store mostly 1/4 yard and fat quarter pieces. Some of the zippers on these totes are tired. I have a paper clip as a pull tab on one tote.  But the containers are easy to stack, store AND still useable. They also are easy to pull out and look through.  My 2014 resolution will be to create a useful storage system in the closet.

For this project, I cut 28 colors into 2" strips then put them in the paper bag (recycled from a local quilt shop)
and began sewing together whatever color I pulled out.
(gee I hope this works) 

When I was sewing the strips, I kept 2 things in mind. First, the strips that were kinda shorter were sewn on one side.  Second, I sewed one strip top to bottom and then the next strip to sew beside it, bottom to top.  That way, these strips wouldn't pull at an angle.

I actually sewed 28 together but took out 2 to fit width of 1/2 yard of backing and batting.
 I created enough fabric to make 2 new fabric pieces.  But on one, I took away a couple of shorties then re-sewed the unit. The strips were just too short to make a second unit. That's why there's a different color pattern on one.


Sandwiched and pinned, I then used the many built-in fancy stitches on my Janome 6600.

I used variegated Coats and Clark cotton thread.

  The binding was 1 1/2" wide that I already had on hand.  My goal is to use what I have in my "studio". Since the binding was narrow in width, I adjusted my needle position and it gave me enough fabric to turn over to front. I then used a wide zig-zag stitch to sew it down and sewed slowly.  I then went around the binding a second time with a straight stitch, trying to touch the point of each zig-zag for extra reinforcement.

Solids in the Bag became a colorful table runner. 

Do you see the small bonded block that is holding the clips? It's my test sample, finished to use as a mat for my tiny scissors and seam ripper or as a mug rug.
Now to make the other!