Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pieces Of Summer Sweets

Pieces Of Summer Sweets

"Sew Along" have you ever done one? Did you like it?

This Mini Sew-Along was the first quilt project I participated with via the internet, as well as the second Sew Along for myself.  Offered by Ellison Lane Quilts during the month of May, Ellison Lane's sample of the paper pieced "Popsicle"caught my eye as I was scrolling down my Facebook's Newsfeed.   

I had not  paper pieced in a while, except for the workshop where I was to reconstruct the same block 5 times to make a wall/table topper.

I only completed 3, as the repetition was killing me. I soon became distracted by snacks, the yummy salads for lunch, and the friends within the room.  I have this feeling that it will always be a W.I.P or it's other name: UFO.    

Ellison Lane's Sew-Along is full of delicious treats for the eye.  I wanted to start along with the rest of the participants, but this California gal was leaving for the East Coast and I had gifts to sew and other items to prepare to make my journey pleasant and enjoyable.  

 My first Sew Along:
 photo 16f02887-3f3a-456e-b484-4e7c1eca2fdf_zps28a19713.jpg

 The Easiest Sew Along Ever
 helped to make these coin purses possible.

 Then 3 of these came about from Patury's Designs

This lightweight knit hoodie was a  patterned after one of my ready made sweaters. 
It was my own personal challenge, and looks and fits like it was off the rack, if I do say so myself.

I was told to pack slippers, so I made the Sock Monkey kind....

I found this purse pattern years ago on the
 Burda Style site. 

Good luck printing & finding the directions for this 
"envelope clutch bag"  
Back when I printed out it, it was humongous
and the pattern did not align. 
 The pattern was blocked by the designer.
Frustrated and determined, I made my own pattern following the diagrams shown on the instructions. 

The Earth Tree Machine Embroidery is from Urban Threads

The "wristlet" purse pattern was challenging, and I created the card cases.  See that card from Wish Upon A Quilt?  I was chosen as their 8,000 likes on Facebook and won a fat quarter bundle! Yeah ME!   (cheer! cheer!)

The wrapped earbuds are 2 skeins of embroidery floss using the Chinese Staircase knots,  This technique is posted on several sites.

I made the Ipod Case to keep it in my larger handbag.  
I need to change out the snap, it secured poorly. 

Last of all, I sewed this for my lips.

All the while,  I wanted to do the Summer Sampler.
When I finally completed those projects, THEN I could focus on paper piecing these "Sweet" blocks.  
I put together 6 before I flew away....

(These had not had the paper removed or squared.)

When I returned from my journey
( which I have to say was MARVELOUS), 
 I began the last 3 blocks

 Now that the blocks were completed I wanted a window sill look, so I searched the web again and found this "Attic Window" concept  by Sulky of America. 

 It worked just fine.
Didn't add the borders because I needed to keep it under 24"x24".

 I want to enter it in Ellison Lane's next challenge. 

That meant it would not have a border like what is pictured in the Millennium quilt, but I like my wall art small. 

This was one plan on the display wall....

Notice the pie floating?  I changed the bottom color to white because I felt the plate was too big, but looking at them on my design wall,  I realized I needed to resew the pie and shortcake so they would stop floating.

 I think it looks much better.  The cherry pie should have been left alone!

Here it is pretty much completed.  I may add additional quilting in each block,  I only used the "stitched in the ditch" method and outlined the "treats".  I also will be blocking it to get the wibble wobbles out.  Which is definitely noticeable.

 The finished size of my "Pieces of Summer Sweets" is 23"x23".  

I'm happy with the end results, 
it's calorie free!